About Alphalion

Alphalion Group Limited was founded in October 2017 with the vision of building new foundations for the global financial services industry serving both buy-side and sell-side firms.

Our main business principle is bringing together industry leaders and technology talents to create value for our clients and the industry.

Alphalion is founded by a team of industry experts and top technologists with a version to:

Use modern technology to drive the advancement in institutional financial services

Break the current barriers and improve services in the financial industry

Challenge the status-quo

Create new opportunities


Over the landscape and timeline of the financial services industry, complex systems have been created leading to institutions effectively jousting with each other as company data does not transform between system as easily as one would imagine. Managing disparate systems and their intransigent obstacles are costly in both time and monetary expense. Our objective is to provide a full and cohesive solution where the onboarding process can be expedited, is cost effective operationally while requiring minimal infrastructure and technology resources of our clients. Our aim is to challenge, disrupt and innovate the industry and help forge a new methodology, catering for the industries fast paced and ever-changing future. We believe building malleable technology that can adapt quickly to changes is the key to success.


  • A full suite of products
  • Simple and easy to use workflow that reduce operational complexity, error prevention and risk reduction
  • Mordern dataware house and big data based reporting and analysis
  • Better executions and risk management
  • Highly efficient back-office processing
  • Focusing on user experience cross product lines
  • Cloud based solution to return capital cost to operations
  • More Alpha
  • More Automation
  • Less Trading Cost
  • Less Capital Cost
  • Less Regulatory Cost
  • Less Risk
Higher Profit


Our people are our strength
Our vision is shared by many in the financial services industry.
We formed a team that has on average 15 – 20 years of industry experience from company like CME, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Reuters, Broadridge, SunGard, Prime Analytics and from internet heavy weights like Netease, Tencent, Renren, and etc.
We have strong access into financial service sector in the Emerging Markets.
We have unique position to offer true global access for Asian Institutional Clients and vise versa.